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checkmark Finally lock down a reliable system for growing 5-Star Reviews

checkmark Help to increase your Google Maps rankings / visibility

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checkmark Grow your REAL 5-Star reviews from your customers, consistently, on autopilot

checkmark Promote your 5-Star Reputation in a cool, attractive way on all social media platforms

checkmark Promote your 5-Star Reputation on your website, on every page, with a custom call to action

checkmark Promote your 5-Star Reputation in professional Hollywood-style video commercials

checkmark Position your company as a well-trusted authority

checkmark Prove your credibility

checkmark Convert (up to 380%) more from your current traffic

checkmark Wow website visitors

checkmark Elevate your Brand's image

checkmark Elevate your Brand's reputation

checkmark Elevate your Brand's overall position in your market

checkmark Win trust online

checkmark Have a more powerful influence on prospects buying choices than your competition

checkmark Build Brand trust and product virality on AUTOPILOT

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checkmark Get more Social Proof consistently and reliably

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checkmark Long-term, compounding Word-Of-Mouth

checkmark Decreasing customer acquisition costs

checkmark And much more (read / watch this entire page) ...

This Reputation SuperSystem is designed for your business to win Google's Popularity Contest and firmly establish your company's POWER POSITIONING in your marketplace so that more of your perfect customers will find you, happily do business with you, stick with you for the long haul, and recommend you publicly.

If you want your prospects to know, like, and trust you before they ever even have a chance to buy from you, this is for you.

And if you want to be positioned as the premier company of choice in your market, perceived as the highest authority in your city, and become the most obvious choice among all the options in your industry and city, this is for you.

sought after person, company, or brand by your perfect target audience, this is for you.

This system will elevate your image, reputation, and overall position in your market so that you become naturally magnetic to your ideal customers.

We developed all the elements of this system specifically to be used together ...

…so the effects of one will simply enhance the effects of the others, therefore making them even more powerful all together.

There is no other COMPLETE reputation system like this on the market.

It is truly one-one-of-a-kind.

The RepLaunch SuperSystem can quickly give you an edge over 99% of your competition (even if they're bigger and currently more popular than you).

Here's how ...


5-Star Review Video Commercials!

So you can probably tell that we've spent a lot of time developing this stuff

Truth is, we've spent years doing this stuff.

And the whole idea is to position your company as a market leader by marketing your five star reputation to everyone, making sure it's everywhere, seen everywhere.

Everything we do is about turning you into the industry leader.

So, basically anywhere and everywhere, and in every format that we can put your five star reviews, we want that to happen!

Because being at the top of the Maps is certainly more profitable, you might want to go beyond just being at the top of the Maps ...

...and be at the top of your industry, in your city/cities ...

...you might want to be untouchable.

...So far ahead that no competitor can catch up.

I'm glad you're of that mind because we'll help you do that!

So, we've combined reputation marketing with video marketing.

And what we've done here is to produce 60-second review commercials.

These are videos that promote your five star reputation.

You're going to love this one.

We have several professional spokesmodels.

And what happens is you send us a picture of your office or place of business or whatever background you want.

And we're going to green screen that in with one of our spokesmodels talking about your business, showcasing one of your five star reviews.

You can put this on your website.

But we also upload it to YouTube.

We share it to Facebook, Twitter, everywhere.

The videos are:

checkmark 100% original for you and uniquely produced for you,

checkmark hosted by professional spokesmodels,

checkmark shot in Hollywood style studios with primetime graphics and animation,

checkmark green screen, office background, or whatever background you want us to do this in front of for you.

And then there's an on location iPad view of your five star review.

So we'll have your five star review show up on the screen in an iPad so that it looks like somebody's actually reading it.

And there's a call to action close where we ask people to call you.

We optimize it to rank on Google because if people are searching your business on Google, you want this to show up.

And the more of these you have showing up, the better it's going to be.

It's a hedge against disbelief.

It's a hedge against having your potential customers go somewhere else.

These video commercials that showcase your five star reviews are very powerful.

And you know what?

Your competitors are not doing this.

We have sold these videos for $597 to $1,997 each in the past. And you're getting them now for practically nothing.

The cost of this RepLaunch SuperSystem is worth 10x the price of one of these videos alone.

But, of course we're not stopping there.

What Would It Cost To Do It Yourself?

The Reputation Marketing Strategy looks like this:

  • Train And Follow Up With All Your Staff On Reputation
  • Develop A Reputation Strategy For You To Get Reviews Fast & Reliably
  • Build Your Reputation Consistently & Position You As The Market Leader
  • Monitor & Alert You On New Reviews Everyday
  • Customize Mobile App & Sign-In Form (The Engine of Review Automation)
  • Develop Professionally Designed Survey And Feedback Pages
  • Create Monthly Online Reputation & Feedback Analysis Reports
  • Design & Create Professional 5-Star Review Images With Daily Syndication
  • Produce & Syndicate “60-Second Review Commercials”
  • 24/7 Stream Your Reviews To Website, FB, Google Business, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Create A Custom Feedback CRM + Write & Setup Email Campaigns
  • Create Promotions To Get Customers Buying MORE EACH MONTH

If You Hired Someone To Do This, What Would It Cost You Per Month?

Typically, people that fill this position full time make at least $60-70,000 a year.

So, you’re looking at paying an employee around $5,000-$6,000 a month.

Would you rather do that

...and probably have to train them, then get everything set up ...

...and then have to deal with them quitting and taking their skills somewhere else ...

Or would you rather pay $99 / month?

Just $3.30 / day.

Normally, this will be $299/month + a setup fee of $497.

To get it for just $99/month, all we need from you is a Video testimonial within 30 days on your experience with the system.

Then, you're Grandfathered in at $99/month and $0 setup fee.

And for that price, you get EVERYTHING:

checkmarkYour reviews growing and promoted all over the internet…

checkmarkOn autopilot.

checkmark5-Star review videos every month ...

checkmarkSocial Proof Pix…

checkmarkStreaming 5-star reviews on your website…

checkmarkHigher conversions on your website, Google Maps, & other social media…

checkmarkYour reputation top-of-mind all over the place…

Just try it for 30 days so you can see what it’s like on the inside.

The thing I love most about Reputation and Word Of Mouth is that it has the power to bring in customers exponentially ...


Don't believe me.
Believe the business owners whose lives have ALREADY changed by my methods...

I Know You'll Love this System (Guaranteed)

My promise to you ...You’ll love this system. Seriously, if you don’t love it I'll refund your payment and let you keep the Social Proof Pix, the 60-Second Review Commercial, and another 30 days of the Social Proof Pop anyway.

That’s right, you don’t have to give anything back or delete anything. Just click the link in your email receipt and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fair enough?

For Just $99/Month

As soon as you order, and fill out the intake form, we get you set up right away.

HOWEVER ...this offer is limited.

If you don't take this one-time low price today, you might never see it this low again.

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Listen - you really ARE getting all of this for just NINETY NINE DOLLARS.

HOWEVER ...this price will INCREASE soon.

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Our "Caviar Commitment" To You

We take full responsibility for your success with our Done-For-You services.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will make sure to go above and beyond your expectations to make it right, or we will give you a refund.

We commit to serving you in a way that no marketing company has ever served you before.

We serve caviar while everyone else is serving cheese and crackers.

If you've had any experiences with marketing agencies in the past, you're probably used to "cheese and crackers."

Experience the Drew Doggett difference: try our caviar.

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Yes, the system is bargain discounted, but only for a limited time.

Here’s the deal- Yes, It’s true, all you need to pay is $99 and give us a video testimonial of your experience with RepLaunch in the first 30 days, and get grandfathered in at the super low price of $99/month. The kicker? We only have a limited time left in this campaign. So if you want this system for just $3.30/day, claim your spot now before they’re all gone...

Btw, I know you’ll love the system and how it helps to grow your business, and I back that with my guarantee (scroll up to see it).

Drew Doggett

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