Harnessing The Awesome Power of Google Maps for Fast & Sustained Revenue Growth:
The Google Maps Maximize Method


  • An in-depth guide to getting more customers — no matter what craziness is happening in the world
  • Without paying an agency thousands of dollars.
  • Much, much faster than trying to do it on your own.

If you’re here, you know about the potential profit power for your business of Google Maps. But knowing is one thing and doing is something completely different.

That’s why I want to get right down to the plan of action.

Drew profile pictureHey, I’m Drew Doggett and I’ve been helping businesses get more customers for over six years. I’ve nailed SEO campaigns, run ads, run competitors out of town, tripled (on average) my clients' revenue, optimized websites, and even saved a kitten or two from a burning house in the process.

I’ve also been ahead of the curve on Google Maps listings since September 2014, because just having one is not enough. You’ve got to know how to use it. And I can show you that.


What Is A Maximize Method?


To be successful in any business, you have to do certain things right, over and over again.

If you do them wrong, you’ve got to course-correct until you get them right. And then keep getting them right.

Then, as things change, you’ve got to improve those “right things” to be “righter” (that’s a word, I swear). You document those improvements and keep going.


Eventually, doing the right things repeatedly results in success...


...so that you're always pushing the limits with greased up effortlessness.

The documented process of moving forward successfully is your method.

In contrast, doing the wrong things repeatedly, non-methodically, results in "getting by," or mediocre success, if I may use an oxymoron.

It may even (and often does) result in total failure.

So we want to maximize our success with a methodical process.

My Google Maps Maximize Method is the result of trial and error, getting things right and wrong, and making everything as streamlined and effective as possible.

It's the result of working with over one hundred local businesses over the years.

And it's the result of working alongside my mentors and teachers — to this very day — as a team, who collectively have now brought in millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

Revenue that wouldn't be realized otherwise because:

  • people either don't realize the power of Google Maps,
  • are too busy running their businesses to master digital marketing,
  • don't have a Standard Operating Procedure for their online marketing,
  • or don't have a great marketing team.

Here’s what I did to get to where I am now, helping people get more customers through GMB:

  • 100+ optimized Google My Business listings
  • 1000+ tracked search terms
  • 20+ conversations with Google My Business support team
  • 12 Google My Business listings recovered from suspension
  • 8 case studies


What Does A Maximize Method Do?


It allows your business to grow.  To the max!  It gets you more visibility on Google Maps and Google search results.

With more visibility, you get more customers.

And—because you know what the heck you’re doing—those new customers give you new reviews.

(Social proof is gold these days.)

Those reviews get you more customers, and those new customers give you more rave reviews, continuing the feedback loop while you watch your revenue skyrocket.

Pretty great, huh?  This is the power of Google My Business.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Google Maps positive feedback loop


The Maximize Method Spurs Growth Like This


  • A tubing company in Texas went from summer revenue of $200k to $800k …in ONE summer.
  • A window tinting company in Oregon had to hire three new employees to keep up.
  • An auto repair shop in Arizona increased phone calls by 214% and doubled foot traffic.
  • A law firm increased phone calls by 140%

These aren’t strange phenomena, spoofs, or one-offs. They happen because we're all about data-driven results. Scalable results for you, your business, and the long term.

It’s the Awesome Power of Google My Business.

Who Can Benefit?


Owners and Operators — If you own or operate a business, this is for you. Grow your bottom line with an easy-to-execute, step-by-step process that teaches you how and why this works.

Marketing and Advertising Specialists — If you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition for your clients, this is for you.  Get ready to have clients for life after they see what you can do with Google Maps.

What Exactly Is It?


The Maximize Method is broken down into four stages, as follows:

Stage 1:  Maxing out your GMB listing from start to finish.

Best practices and exact methods for:

  • optimizing the Info section,
  • optimizing your Photos,
  • creating Posts,
  • using the Q&A section in a sneaky yet very valuable way,
  • turning on Messaging,
  • linking to your website (if you have one),
  • and adding a special code to your website that tells ALL the search engines just how legit your business really is.

Stage 2: All about Citations and Directories...

  • what they are,
  • how they boost the Trust and Relevance of your GMB listing for more visibility,
  • exactly how many you need,
  • and how and where to get them (both free and paid ways).

Includes our complete collection of 600+ citation sources that we use for every client, plus industry-specific ones.

Stage 3: How to set up your Review process so that the feedback loop of social proof + revenue + exposure takes on a life of its own and churns on auto-pilot.

Getting reviews consistently is important because it tells Google that your business is popular and being patronized regularly, giving them more reason to show your listing higher in the results list.

Includes how to get reviews for "sensitive" industries (like counseling or divorce attorneys).

Stage 4: MI3 — Maximizing Interactions in 3 ways.

MI3 is about that all important metric that Google looks out for: Interactions (or Engagement) with your listing.

The more people who are:

  • calling,
  • clicking for directions,
  • messaging,
  • reviewing,
  • uploading photos,
  • asking questions,
  • answering questions,
  • and reading your posts...

... the more Google trusts your business.

The more Google trusts your business, the higher you rank and the more visibility you get.

This stage covers how to do all that, and it's simpler than it sounds.


Here Are All The Goodies


The Maximize Method

The complete, four-step method outlined above.

This is the meat and potatoes of your new and improved revenue engine.

You’ll get instant access to the Membership site and all the support you need.


My Brain to Pick

Questions, comments, and concerns you can direct to me.

I’ll answer any emails within 24 hours!  We also have a great support ticket system.  Just open a new ticket and you'll get a response pronto.


Bonus 1

The Interaction Hyperdrive: This is separate from the Maximize Method, but something you can use for your Maps listing once you have completed the stages.

It is an ethical way to show Google's algorithm that your business really means business.

When you use it, you will see a spike in phone calls and/or foot traffic, and direction requests.

Can also be used for your website.

USE WITH CAUTION. Improper use can get your Maps listing and website flagged and penalized!

I outline in detail how to safely use it.

Bonus 2

Increase Revenue with SEO: Having a stronger Google Maps presence than your competition is already mighty profitable.

Having a stronger Web presence than they further solidifies your potential customers' choice to go with you rather than the competition.

This workshop shows our entire "Trust Based Ranking" SEO process, why we can guarantee increased rankings, why we offer a money back guarantee when no one else in the industry does.

It also shows you two things you can do right now — that takes about 5 minutes — that will immediately improve your website's communications with Google ...and result in better rankings!

If you can do that in 5 minutes, imagine what else can be done in just 30-60 days!

We value transparency, and 99% of business owners we work with do too. So we hold nothing back!

Bonus 3

Workflow Checklist: If you choose not to use any of our Done-For-You services, I provide a checklist that you or an employee can use as a Standard Operating Procedure.

This will help you get all of the Stages in the Method done fast, and you'll know at a glance what's done and what needs doing.

Bonus 4

Free Tracking: We use a third party tracking software to track all of our clients' Google My Business rankings.

You can have 30 days for free! After that, it's just a few bucks a month with no obligation or contract.

Since following the Maximize Method to a T produces results in 2-4 weeks, 30 days of free tracking will be enough for you to see great results.

If you use one of our Done-For-You services, tracking is included for free.

Free, No-Hassle Updates

The one-time payment also includes any updates I make to the plan as things change with Google and as my partners and I continue to stay on the cutting edge.

I’ll also include any new plans or strategies once I have tested and researched them.

You don’t have to pay again to get updates!


My Personal Guarantee


If you followed the Method and you’re not seeing results within 4 weeks, send me an email or open a support ticket from the Members Area and I’ll process your refund, no problemo.  But don’t worry, you’ll see the awesome results!

Here’s my email address:

info [at] drewdoggett.org


Get The Goodies


Normally, The Maximize Method costs $119.  But, because you've taken the time to read all of this, I offer a $40 discount.

So, the usual price is $79.

But because of the state of the economy here in 2020 (and who knows how long into 2021)...

I really want as many businesses as possible to heal and grow, and to take advantage of the Maximize Method so they can survive and thrive in any environment.

Right now you can get it all for $7.90.


Frequently Asked (and Answered) Questions

Yes, this Maximize Method is built to be implemented quickly, easily, and without a bunch of technical jargon and mumbo-jumbo. I know you have a business to run, and that’s what’s important. This is a quick and easy Plan.

Yes, you can hire a freelancer or agency to do pretty much anything you want. But do they know all of the stuff in this Method? Are they a data-driven agency? Will you have to hold their hand the whole way? Are they one of those who give the excuse "It's a tough market, it takes time," when you don't see any results?

Believe me, this is much better.

As a baseline, if you hire an agency or freelancer to do your Google Maps marketing, you should expect to see a boost in rankings and phone calls / leads in 2-4 weeks. If you don't, run away.

I’ve heard this question a lot. Like the early days of SEO, many people aren’t aware of how powerful GMB is. Many marketers find out new things in my G-Maps Maximize Method that helps them and their clients out immensely.

Plus, it’s designed to be easily implemented and, most importantly, scalable.

Absolutely. In the Maximize Method, I show you how to revitalize even listings that are old, dusty, or stagnant with easy tactics that most people overlook entirely.

No way.  This is complete in and of itself.

All the information you need is included.  Which is why I include the money-back guarantee, just in case you don’t believe me. 😉

After your purchase, there are two discounted and optional Done-For-You services.

You can buy both inside the Members Area for a slightly higher price.

Both are covered in the Maximize Method for you to do manually.

The first is Stage 2 (Citations) completely done for you. Your rankings will increase quickly when you get this.

The second is Stage 3 (Reviews) done for you and automated. Your 5-Star Reviews (and therefore rankings) will increase quickly — and will continue to increase on autopilot — when you get this.

However, you don’t need to purchase any additional services …you can do everything yourself or in-house.

These just make life easier and results faster.

After you follow the plan, you can expect to wait a maximum of 4 weeks, but most of the time you see the benefits within as little as 2 weeks.

There is a lot of great, free information out there on reputable websites.

I cite some of them in my research.  They're legit.

But I have never seen a free Guide as complete and step by step as this one.

All of the blogs that I read are usually about:

  • the importance of Google My Business, 
  • optimizing your GMB listing.

If they mention citations, they don't tell you where to get them or how many you need.

Reviews are almost always mentioned, but do they provide templates and strategies for you to use?

Interaction/Engagement is mentioned, but again, with no sound strategies specifically for this important metric.

If you find a free article and/or YouTube video as complete as the Maximize Method, let me know and I'll hook you up with mine for free!

Plus, when buy your lifetime membership to the Maximize Method, you're not just getting the best information and strategies on the market for Google Maps marketing...

... you're also getting access to me and my support team!

Get it all for $7.90: